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Jon L. Schmidt


Schmidt Family Funeral Homes With locally owned funeral homes in Centerville and Moulton, Iowa


We hope you find the information we provide here informative and valuable. While we have tried to anticipate what you will be looking for, we're just taking our best guess. Please contact us using the link below and let us know how we are doing. Our goal is to render the best quality service possible, warmly and professionally, to those who allow us the privilege of serving their needs. We serve all our families with respect, dignity and understanding, ready to design services appropriate to each family's needs and desires.

Honoring life's memories

We are committed to providing you with a funeral experience that honors the memory of your loved one's life. What better way is there to share the person you knew and loved with others?

After all, everything that we know about another person is contained in our memories of shared experiences. By recalling these memories at the time of a funeral, we bring that person to life. Our focus then becomes the recollection of the good times in the person's life; shared experiences of excitement, joy and love. We feel better when we have an opportunity to share our memories and enjoy the memories shared by others. We begin to heal a little because we realize that while death may separate us physically, we still hold on to everything we knew about that person, in our memories. Not even death can take them away.

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